What "belly dancing" is...
...and isn't.


"Belly Dance", is also known as Raks Sharki (Arabic for "Oriental dance") or danse du ventre (French for "belly dance")
is one of the oldest types of dance in recorded history.  "Belly dancing" is a generic term used to describe a group of dances from the Middle East, with subtle differences, but usually characterized by sensuous movements of the hips and abdomen.


Today, belly dancing is found throughout the world, and many cultures have fused their own influences with the basic moves found in classic Middle Eastern dance and its music.


What belly dancing is not is a form of stripping.  In fact, most reputable belly dancers do not do "male-only" venues (i.e. strip clubs, bachelor parties).  Hollywood and Burlesque-type productions have, unfortunately, created major misconceptions in the West regarding this art form.



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